Monday, August 6, 2012

Your Love Is All I Needed

     My Papa likes to talk a lot about the Bible and the Second Coming and today, at breakfast, he brought up how cruel the cross was. We see it as a symbol of love because of the great sacrifice of Jesus. But it was used then as a symbol of violence and punishment for criminals. My Papa said something that just clicked in my mind about how much God truly loves His people. I've grown up knowing that He's sent His only Son....but...there's so much more to the story and I never got it until this morning.
     Jesus not only had to offer His life as a sacrifice so that our sins would be forgiven...He loves us SO much and He didn't want to leave us alone on earth after He went back to Heaven, so He sent us the Holy Spirit.
 God not only sent us His one and only Son, but also the 
 Great Comforter for when His Son went back to we would never be alone.

     I've read so many times how God says He will "never leave us or forsake us," but today it didn't click until my Papa said it out loud. He truly has never and will never leave us.  

It's been a rough year and sometimes I get so caught up in my world that I step out of His and forget. Fear takes the Peace and strangles it in dark silence...and I'm left alone. But as we were talking, I could feel the very Spirit we were discussing soothe my troubled soul, and Peace was mine once again because I KNEW...just KNEW that He's been with me. He Sees Me.

Like Naomi in the desert, the one human (a woman I might add), with the gall to NAME GOD. Like her I cry that He is the God who Sees me...and I am at Peace.

Thank you Lord...for You, Your love, and Your most precious Spirit.
Karye <><

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Erin said...

Yay you updated! I love your posts! This is so true. We were talking at La Ola the other day about people who live in "the death of Christ." As in, they walk around crying and sad all the time and say "Oh I don't deserve you God! I'm not worthy!" We started talking about how we need to walk in "Jesus' Redemptive Power" instead. That's where Jesus is. He's not at or on the cross anymore. He did it for us and we should be walking with him in his redemptive power not crying at the cross. Jesus is walking in his redemptive power and so should we. :)